2 comments on “What can we learn from Math and Art? (A memoir)

  1. “You cant measure how real something is. I began to wonder if the question was even valid, I mean, the painting is real, the boys were not; wasn’t it that simple?”

    I enjoyed the whole post, CM. The portion I quoted above immediately brought to mind Plato’s allegory of the cave. Figuring our the validity of reality (or the reality of validity) is a task that most certainly leads to uncertainty.

    Keep looking at your own ontology and that of others as well. You might find that there are ways to perceive and express beauty and truth in Mathematics, the Arts, Philosophy, and almost any work of the mind.


  2. This was so true and well-written. We can learn many of the same things from both literature and mathematics. Our lives will be so much richer if we don’t exclude one or the other from our lives. Here are a couple of other blogs that I’ve found that may interest you. These bloggers combine their artistic talents and mathematics:



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